Thursday, January 21, 2010

Optional Posts

The News day Tuesday i chose to write about was the the city Detroit. I chose this one because they get hit by a lot of hurricanes,Ravenous floods which made a lot of people homeless. This is not good because Detroit for there cars and they help us out with things. If they are having trouble then its not going to be good for the us they will lose a lot of jobs down there and money isn't going to be good.

Optional Posts

I think we should try to talk about issues in the sports world because i sports and what is going on in the sports world like whos getting caught for doing bad things. Also everyone wants to learn about sports because they are awesome to play and make u have good exersie and make u heathy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I think i have not did so well on my blogs because i really haven't put any effort into my writing. I try to rush through and get it done fast. I also make a lot of spelling things wrong and other things. I think i could do really good on these blogs if i didn't go and rush through them all the time. My job is to try and get better on them.


They are starting to clean up where the earth quack had hit Hatit. There is going to have to be a lot of work to be done to get it back on track for people to start living there and working there agian because it is a mess there. The people are trying to do all that they can do to clean up fast. They are rasing money in other states to help them out and get things done like food and peolple to help out. There are still getting hit with other things like fires and qacks nothing is going right there.


right now ismale is in a rehab for soilders because they don't just want to let them leave after a war fight bwc they will go and do some bad stuff because rite now ismale is not his self after all the fighting they think h will think its okay to go and just kill people. ismale is a ver sad and loney because he has no familly. what happend to him after the book was that he is living a nice good life now he's doing a bunch books rite now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


(Ooh-ooh, hoo-hoo-hoo! Ooh-ooh hoo-hoo!)
Cry to me, now;
You gonna cry to me, yeah!
You're gonna walk back through the heartaches;
You're gonna walk back through the pain;
(Shed those) Shed those lonely teardrops:
The reaction of your cheating game.

You got to cry to me, now!
You're gonna cry - cry - cry to me, yeah! Yeah!
Lord knows how I get from the heartaches;
Lord that leadeth me, yeah!
And now I'm by the still water.
You've got to cry to me, yea-ea-eah!
You gonna cry to me now;
You've got to cry - cry - cry to me, yeah!
You're gonna spend those lonely hours.
You're gonna shed those lonely tears;
(Walk back) Walk back through the heartaches;
(Walk back) Walk back through the pain;
(Shed those) Shed those lonely teardrops:
The reaction of your cheating game.

You're gonna to cry to me, now!
You got to cry - cry - cry to me, yeah!
Saying, (don't know) don't know - know how I get from the heartaches;
(Lord that) Lord that leadeth me, yeah-eah-eah!
(Shed those lonely teardrops) Now I'm by the still water;
(The reaction of your cheating game) Gonna cry to me now, hey!
(Cry) Cry
(Cry) Cry
i chose this song because this song retates to the book A long way gone. because he is going though a lot of pain and sadness when he was a solider when he got shot by other people. Also he misses his family and he wants to Ester that hes loves her like a sister but he can't because he doesn't know how she will reacted to it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally. ~Abraham Lincoln

This quote is saying that when Mr Lincoln sees people arguing for slavery he sees them differently and would like to see the person who is arguing for slavery to see how it feels being a black person and have people say that to him. I think people today still have a problem with different races. It is not right to pick on people about their race because they have a harder life. It's not right also because new people come into the world and they don't deserve to be picked on about their race.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A single slice reveals them

An apple on the table
hides it's seeds
so neatly
under seamless skin

But we talk and talk and talk
to let somebody

By Naomi Shihal nye

I think this relates to the book A Long Way Gone. He is angry on the outside and lonely in the inside beacuse he isn't a solider anymore and because he has no family. The soldiers put him in a home for soldier boys to get them help because he is a boy not a soldier. They need to keep talking to him so he will get better and not be so lonely.They keep talking to him so he will listen and go back to being a boy because he is scarred really deep with the people that he had killed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 2 consciousness

The two consciousness of him are that he is a solider and also still a boy. He one ways he is different now are because he doesn't not remember anything from his child hood because he is fighting in the war and he is addicted to drugs so bad now and he is killing people and fighting in this war. In the begging he didn't want to fight of anything he was running away scared and trying to look for his family and brother. So he just figured that fighting is a better way for him to realive his pain that he has been though. he is sick of running away from his fears. he was not mature when he was given his gun when he was around 12 or 13 years old and started doing drugs. These are the two consciousness of the life of a long way gone.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Great full to be alive
Rebel fighter
Enemy to others
Education is not good
Numb to drugs

Sneaky to the enemy
Africa is where this is happending
Knife on this side
Everyone is fighting