Friday, June 12, 2009


This year in my English class we read the book Macbeth. I t was a good book i enjoyed reading Macbeth it was a very interesting book to read there are a lot of really cool parts in the book. We also watch the movie that was a really good movie i just did not really like the way they talked in it. i really did not like to read books but Macbeth is a good book to read. I think the freshman waill like to read it next year.

I got better

This year i have changed my writing skills i use to be really bad at writing was really messy and my spelling was really whore able. I have really hard to get better on getting my spelling and punctuation got really better. I think that i am a much better writer but i think that i can work on my messy writing. I would like to do a whole lot better next year i will do my best to next year to fix all my mistakes that I have in my writings.