Thursday, December 17, 2009

Movie review

What i had learned form the movie we watch was that african americans have a really hard life to do because most dont have jobs and money and any place to live and any food to eat. It is just like the book we are reading because the pep are running away from at war and have no where to go or live. I feel really bad for them because they have a really hard life and when they frist come to america they have no idea what to do because there its nothing like where they use to live but they can get jobs and live so much easy then they were and there culter is so much differnt from ours. They think its much better and we are really nice and kind people to them its really more easy for them to live here and they can come and go to collage and get a even better paying job so they can have a family and support them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Text Connecion Blog

High we exalt thee realm of the free great is the love we have for thee and marching,smoking and sniffing the cocaine and brown brown that was in abundance at Bauya. The only thing they are addicted to is cocaine and brown brown as in gun powder.I am addicted to video games like in the book people are addicted to cocanine. I am addicted because i have something to do when my friends come over or when im really bored when i dont want to go outside and just want to chill and have some fun. Beause im all about having fun with my friends and we are competive players and i hate lose but the its just a game and its all about fun for us all.